Bissell Powerforce Bagless: Your Ultimate Cleaning Solution

The Bissell Powerforce Bagless vacuum cleaner is designed to make cleaning your home a breeze. With outstanding pick-up capabilities on various floor types, from carpets and hard floors to laminate and floorboards, this powerful machine is a reliable investment for any homeowner. The vacuum’s lightweight design, coupled with its long hose and versatile on-board tools, makes it easy to tackle pet hair, dust, and debris on furniture, stairs, and even in your car.

Featuring a powerful cordless design with an impressive battery life, the Bissell Powerforce Bagless vacuum cleaner is perfect for quick and efficient cleaning sessions. The vacuum’s brush head is specially designed to provide optimal support for various floor types, from carpets to hardwood floors. Its bagless design and large dust capacity make it an ideal choice for pet owners, as it easily picks up hair and dirt without the need for frequent emptying.

bissell powerforce bagless vacuum

With an array of innovative features, including anti-hair wrap technology and compatibility with smart home products like Google Home, the Bissell Powerforce Bagless vacuum cleaner is an invaluable addition to any cleaning arsenal. Its cordless convenience, combined with powerful suction and user-friendly design, sets it apart from other vacuum cleaner models on the market. So, whether you’re tackling short pile carpets, room edges, or awkward spaces, the Bissell Powerforce Bagless is your go-to solution for a spotlessly clean home.

Key Features of Bissell Powerforce Bagless

Bagless Technology

The Bissell Powerforce Bagless vacuum cleaner features a bagless design, which means there’s no need to purchase and replace vacuum bags. This design not only saves you time but also helps reduce overall costs associated with maintaining your vacuum cleaner. The bagless system also makes it easier to empty the dirt container and allows you to monitor the dirt level, ensuring consistent cleaning performance.

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Powerful Suction

Equipped with Multi-Cyclonic technology, the Bissell Powerforce Bagless provides powerful and continuous suction for a thorough clean. This technology effectively separates dirt and debris from the airflow, preventing the filters from clogging and ensuring consistent suction power throughout your cleaning sessions. As a result, you can achieve a deep and efficient clean on various surfaces in your home.

Wide Cleaning Path

The Bissell Powerforce Bagless boasts a 13.5-inch cleaning path, allowing you to cover more ground in less time. This wide cleaning path makes it efficient for cleaning larger areas, such as open living spaces or hallways. By reducing the number of passes needed to clean a given area, you can save both time and effort, making your cleaning tasks more manageable.

bissell power force bagless vacuum

Multi-Surface Capability

Designed for versatility, the Bissell Powerforce Bagless can tackle various surfaces, including carpets, rugs, hardwood, and tile floors. This multi-surface capability is achieved through an adjustable brush roll, which can be set to the appropriate height for each surface type. This feature ensures that you can achieve a thorough and efficient clean on different flooring materials without the need for multiple cleaning tools.

Lightweight Design

Weighing only 12 lbs, the Bissell Powerforce Bagless vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver and transport throughout your home. Its lightweight construction makes it simple to carry up and down stairs, move between rooms, or store when not in use. The lightweight design also reduces fatigue during extended cleaning sessions, making it more user-friendly for homeowners.

Washable Filters

The Bissell Powerforce Bagless features washable filters, which contribute to easy maintenance and cost savings. Instead of purchasing replacement filters, you can simply wash and reuse the existing ones, helping to reduce waste and save money over time. Additionally, regularly cleaning the filters ensures optimal vacuum performance and prolongs the life of your vacuum cleaner.

bissel powerforce bagless vacuum

On-Board Tools

The vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of on-board tools, such as a crevice tool, extension wand, and combination dusting brush/upholstery tool. These tools provide versatile cleaning options, allowing you to effectively clean tight corners, reach high or difficult-to-access areas, and handle upholstery or other delicate surfaces. With these on-board tools, you can easily tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks throughout your home.

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Advantages of the Bissell Powerforce Bagless


The Bissell Powerforce Bagless is a wallet-friendly option compared to other vacuum cleaners in the market. Not only is the vacuum itself affordable, but the bagless design eliminates the need for expensive replacement bags. This feature results in long-term cost savings for users.

Easy Maintenance

The washable filters make maintaining the Bissell Powerforce Bagless a breeze. Simply remove the filters, wash them under running water, and let them air dry before reinserting them into the vacuum. This process helps keep your vacuum performing at its best without the hassle of purchasing and replacing filters.

Advantages of the Bissell Powerforce Bagless

Versatile Cleaning Options

The Bissell Powerforce Bagless excels at cleaning various surfaces. With its adjustable brush roll, you can effortlessly transition between carpets and hard floors, ensuring a thorough clean regardless of the surface. Additionally, the on-board tools allow you to tackle tight corners, upholstery, and above-floor cleaning with ease.

Disvantages of the Bissell Powerforce Bagless

While the Bissell Powerforce Bagless vacuum cleaner offers many advantages, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider as well:

Limited Capacity

The dirt container in the Bissell Powerforce Bagless vacuum cleaner may not have the same capacity as some larger vacuum models. As a result, you may need to empty the container more frequently, especially during extensive cleaning sessions or when tackling heavily soiled areas.

Lack of HEPA Filter

The Bissell Powerforce Bagless does not come with a HEPA filter, which means it may not be the best option for individuals with allergies or sensitivities to dust and pet dander. If you require a vacuum with advanced filtration capabilities, you may need to look into alternative models with HEPA filters.

Disvantages of the Bissell Powerforce Bagless

Not Ideal for High-Pile Carpets

While the Bissell Powerforce Bagless can handle various surfaces, it may struggle with high-pile carpets or plush rugs. The vacuum’s design and brush roll may not provide the deep cleaning necessary for these types of surfaces. If your home consists primarily of high-pile carpets, you may want to consider a vacuum specifically designed for deep carpet cleaning.

Noise Level

Some users may find the noise level of the Bissell Powerforce Bagless to be louder than other vacuum cleaners on the market. If you’re sensitive to noise or need a quieter vacuum for use during specific times (e.g., while children are napping), this may be a factor to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner.

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No Automatic Cord Rewind

The Bissell Powerforce Bagless does not feature an automatic cord rewind system, which means you’ll need to manually wind the cord after each use. While this is a minor inconvenience, it may be a drawback for those who prioritize convenience and ease of use in their vacuum cleaner.

No Automatic Cord Rewind of the Bissell Powerforce Bagless

Comparing the Bissell Powerforce Bagless to Other Popular Vacuum Cleaners

Feature Bissell Powerforce Bagless Competitor A Competitor B
Bagless Yes Yes No
Suction Power Multi-Cyclonic Single Cyclonic Multi-Cyclonic
Cleaning Path Width 13.5 inches 12 inches 11 inches
Weight 12 lbs 15 lbs 18 lbs
Washable Filters Yes No Yes
Price Range $ $$ $$$

Pro Tips for Maximizing the Performance of Your Bissell Powerforce Bagless

To ensure that you get the most out of your Bissell Powerforce Bagless vacuum cleaner, follow these expert tips for optimal performance and longevity:

Regularly Clean the Filters

Cleaning the filters regularly ensures that the vacuum maintains its suction power and overall efficiency. When filters become clogged with dirt and debris, the vacuum’s performance can be negatively impacted, leading to reduced suction power and inefficient cleaning. By cleaning the filters every 3 to 6 months, depending on the frequency of use, you can keep your vacuum functioning at its best and prolong its lifespan.

Empty the Dirt Container Frequently

Emptying the dirt container after each use or when it reaches the “MAX” fill line is essential to maintain the vacuum’s performance. Overfilling the dirt container can cause a loss of suction and may even strain the vacuum’s motor, leading to potential damage. Regularly emptying the dirt container ensures consistent suction power and helps prolong the life of your vacuum cleaner.

bagless bissell powerforce

Adjust the Brush Roll Height

Properly adjusting the brush roll height for the specific surface you are cleaning ensures optimal cleaning performance on various surfaces. An incorrect brush roll height can lead to inefficient cleaning or even potential damage to your flooring or carpets. Taking the time to adjust the brush roll height for each surface type will provide a thorough clean without causing unnecessary wear and tear on your floors.

Check for Blockages

Regularly inspecting the vacuum’s hoses, filters, and brush roll for blockages helps maintain peak performance. Blockages can reduce the vacuum’s suction power, causing it to work harder and strain the motor. By frequently checking for and removing any obstructions, you can ensure that your vacuum continues to operate efficiently and lasts longer.

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Use Genuine Bissell Parts

When replacing filters or other components, always use genuine Bissell parts to ensure the best performance and longevity of your vacuum cleaner. Using non-genuine parts can lead to compatibility issues, reduced performance, and even potential damage to the vacuum. By investing in genuine Bissell parts, you can maintain your vacuum’s peak performance and protect your investment in the long run.

bissell powerforce vacuum bagless

Key Takeaways of Bissell Powerforce Bagless

The Bissell Powerforce Bagless vacuum cleaner is an affordable, versatile, and powerful cleaning solution for your home. Its bagless design, powerful suction, and lightweight construction make it an excellent choice for tackling various surfaces, including carpets, rugs, hardwood, and tile floors. With easy maintenance and a wide range of on-board tools, the Bissell Powerforce Bagless is the ultimate cleaning solution for any homeowner.

FAQs about Bissell Powerforce Bagless

How does the Bissell Powerforce Bagless handle pet hair?

The Bissell Powerforce Bagless is designed to handle pet hair effectively. The powerful suction, combined with the multi-cyclonic technology, ensures that pet hair is picked up and trapped inside the vacuum without clogging the filters.

Can the vacuum be used on stairs?

Yes, the Bissell Powerforce Bagless can be used on stairs. The lightweight design, combined with the on-board tools like the crevice tool and the extension wand, allows you to clean stairs with ease. The compact size of the vacuum also makes it easy to maneuver on staircases.

How do I clean the filters?

Cleaning the filters is simple. First, make sure the vacuum is unplugged. Then, remove the filters from the vacuum and wash them under running water. Allow the filters to air dry completely before reinserting them into the vacuum.

Can the vacuum be used on plush carpets?

The Bissell Powerforce Bagless is designed to handle various carpet types, including plush carpets. However, it is essential to adjust the brush roll to the appropriate height setting for your specific carpet type to ensure optimal cleaning performance.

Conclusion for Bissell Powerforce Bagless

Bissell Powerforce Bagless: In conclusion, this powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner is an exceptional choice for homeowners seeking an efficient and user-friendly cleaning solution. Its remarkable performance on various floor types, coupled with its lightweight design and advanced features, make it an invaluable addition to any home cleaning arsenal.

So, if you’re impressed by the Bissell Powerforce Bagless vacuum cleaner, don’t hesitate to spread the word! Share this post with your friends and neighbors, and help them discover the power and convenience of this fantastic cleaning solution for their own homes.

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I love how lightweight and versatile this vacuum cleaner is! It makes cleaning so much easier.


The Bissell Powerforce Bagless is perfect for pet owners like me. It picks up pet hair with ease!


I appreciate the washable filters. It’s so convenient and saves money on replacement filters.


The powerful suction of this vacuum cleaner is impressive. It really gets the job done!


I’m glad that this vacuum cleaner can be used on different floor types. It’s so versatile!


I wish it had a HEPA filter for better air quality, but overall, it’s a great vacuum!


The on-board tools are a game-changer. I can clean every nook and cranny with ease!


I love the wide cleaning path. It saves me so much time when cleaning large areas.


The bagless design is a huge plus. No more buying and replacing vacuum bags!


The battery life on this vacuum cleaner is impressive. It’s perfect for quick cleaning sessions.

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